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Move past reactive break-fix and surprise costs when it comes to your IT.

Start Building Your Own Strategic Plan

Maybe you’re just starting to ask yourself some of the bigger-picture IT questions. Maybe you’re looking for insights on IT budgeting. Or maybe you’ve already got the beginnings of a strategic IT plan, and you’re wondering where to go next.

Whatever the case, you can find answers to your questions about Strategic IT Budgeting & Planning here. Learn a bit more about the risks of ad-hoc IT decisions, read the common pitfalls that can arise from miscommunication, and get examples of what an established strategic plan can do for an organization. And, if you’re ready to take the next step, get the information you need to start building out your own strategic plan…or start a conversation with our IT consultants.

Why is a Strategy Important?

9 min read

A good introduction to the topic: explains many of the big-picture concepts and benefits involved in a strategic IT plan. In this article, originally published in Executive Decisions in Dermatology, our Co-Founder Nathan Austin explains the philosophy behind a strategic approach to IT, and why many organizations are making the move. 

It might be the most common question we hear: “How do I budget for IT?”

For many executives, IT represents an unfamiliar, even daunting business expense. But despite the uncertainty, IT budgeting isn’t magic; there are several easy steps every organization can take to evaluate its current IT budgeting approach and start planning a more intentional path forward.

6 min read

Hear it From Others...

Should I move to the Cloud? A Lesson in Alignment
4 min read
A short story about one of our peers in the industry, and how misaligned priorities between IT and executives could’ve caused a tech disaster for an entire organization.
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Case Study | Investing in Adaptability
5 min read
The success story of how one of our clients handled the emergency remote work transition of Spring 2020 as barely a bump in the road – thanks to all the work and planning they’d invested into their IT infrastructure already.
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How to Get Started on an IT Strategy

Bridging the Planning Gap Between Executives & IT

13 min read
An explanation of the core problems facing the executive/IT relationship, and why simple questions like “how much should this cost?” aren’t so simple when you look more closely. Learn about the underlying problems of misalignment, not just the symptoms, and learn what it will take to begin addressing them.

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