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What is "as a Service" (aaS)

There’s a good reason cloud services have exploded in adoption across the past few years: they offer many significant benefits over traditional on-premises solutions. The modern Cloud offers many different subscription-based digital services: from a simple file storage program like Dropbox or Google Drive, a virtual server in an offsite data center, to an entire cloud platform like Microsoft 365. 

All of these offerings share a common model: instead of being sold as prepackaged software or hardware, they’re provided “as a Service” (“aaS”) for a recurring payment.


SynergiTech Cloud Services

Are you wondering how your organization could expand its use of the cloud? Or when is the best time to migrate? Explore the concept further with this e-book where we analyze the idea of as-a-service (aaS) models and outline how cloud solutions are already changing the way we all do business.  

Cloud 'as a service' gives your business better

Change is Expensive

Cloud solutions simplify that change. 

Whether it’s a new hire, a team restructuring, or a data migration, surprise changes can be hard to predict and execute on a convenient timeline. A small alteration to a traditional in-house system often means altering how much you spend on licensing, hardware, utility needs, or perhaps even a costly server upgrade!   

On a cloud model, you can mitigate some of these more dramatic big-ticket purchases: capital expenses become operational expenses, which are far easier to track, budget for, and plan around. 

Hybrid Work is Here to Stay

Adaptability is no longer a “nice to have.”

As our own clients will tell you, flexibility can mean the difference between momentum and stagnation when the unexpected happens. A single, rigidly prescribed method of working in a single location simply isn’t a necessity anymore, thanks to innovations in cloud solutions like Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure that are accessible in a variety of configurations.  

Organizations with higher degrees of cloud adoption are less reliant on a single physical office space, less reliant on finnicky VPN solutions, and more able to scale up or down to meet current demands, without the need to make large-scale purchases or liquidations. 

Physical on-site storage is more vulnerable.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket…or server room.

Unless you have a compelling reason for an on-premise server, your files are much safer away from a single physical storage location. With an on-site server your data is vulnerable to hardware failure, fire, a power surge, or even a disgruntled employee. Even with backups, restoration can be long and costly. 

With a cloud server solution, this problem is virtually nonexistent. Files and servers on the cloud are exponentially more resilient to disasters and outages than a physical on-site setup, and you no longer need to worry about babysitting your server room. 

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