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Fully Managed IT Support with Proven Results

Every Managed Service Provider (MSP) promises to exceed your expectations – but they’re often content to keep those expectations vague. How can you know you’re getting value from your IT partnership if you don’t even know what you’re looking for? We don’t just make promises: we give YOU the tools to evaluate our performance.

By working to craft your strategic IT roadmap based on our Best Practices Value Map, we help you define your own long-term IT goals. With our strategic IT management, we don’t just promise increased value & productivity: we describe what those improvements look like, and we offer measurable proof to help you see the entire picture.

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Plan Your IT Investments with Confidence ​

You don’t suddenly decide your destination as you pull up to each stoplight. If your current provider only reacts when something breaks, it can leave you feeling lost…and it might be time to start planning farther ahead. 

SynergiTech works with you to build a proactive roadmap and IT lifecycle management into your fully managed IT services, and schedules intentional, strategic consultations to help you move beyond the break/fix cycle. That means fewer surprise costs, less downtime, increased efficiency, and a greater sense of control over your own technology. 

Fast Tech Support When You Need It Most

Submitting an IT support ticket shouldn’t feel like shouting into a void. With SynergiTech, every support ticket is seen by a real person within 15 minutesthen triaged to resolve your most critical issues right away. If it’s urgent, we’re on it immediately. If it requires onsite resolution, we’re there. If the unthinkable happens and something slips through the cracks, our automatic escalation catches it.

Get faster support and faster recovery times with our workplace IT managementso your team members can keep doing what they do best.

IT Support That Knows Your Name & Your Needs

The only thing worse than a recurring tech problem is having to explain it to each support tech all over again. That’s inevitable for massive call centers, but not for our dedicated, full-service IT support teams based in North Carolina & South Carolina. When you call us you get the same people every time, who remember your business needs and your prior tech issues. 

By developing a personal relationship with your team, we can better document, track, diagnose and resolve repetitive problems  freeing up even more time and mental energy for your team.  

Cyber Security Services to Inspire Confidence, Not Fear​​

Imagine playing dodgeball with a blindfold on – impossible, right? We don’t leave you to blindly guess at the digital threats you face, and we don’t push scare tactics to upsell youInstead, we identify and explain key threats as they evolve, and protect you from each one with targeted solutions built into your fully managed IT services. 

Get an IT consulting and security strategy tailored to your business needsand the peace of mind that comes with knowing your greatest risks are continually being researchedevaluated, and proactively addressed.  

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