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Remote Capabilities Self-Evaluation

It’s been several months since we all had to change our processes, and chances are good that you’ve had to keep adapting. With everything shifting so rapidly, you might be focused on what’s coming next…but now is the perfect time to look back on where you’ve just been 

IT Tools for Seamlessly Operating Virtually & Working Remotely

Moving to remote work can be a big adjustment for everyone involved. To make your IT a little easier, Mytech is offering free online resources so you can avoid technological difficulties and free up some more time to focus on what’s important. No matter your industry, get the tools your team needs to collaborate and communicate efficiently with adaptations from our virtual training events. 

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Using Microsoft Teams & O365 to Structure Your
Virtual Department Meetings & Keep Your Company Organized

Take the first step to a successful virtual department meeting—knowing how to interact and set up the technology.

We’ll help you optimize your experience with Microsoft Teams by demonstrating how to

  • Set up video/audio collaboration
  • Managed a weekly agenda
  • Assign action items & to-dos
  • and more

Holding Your Team Accountable When Working Remotely

As a manager, supervisor, or anyone that has staff reporting to them – holding your team accountable can be a challenge. Now that we have moved into working remotely, collaborative communication with your team can become more difficult and productivity may start to dwindle.

Learn how to use tools such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner to:

  • Assign virtual to-dos/action items for your team
  • Collaborate and coach your team through an issue/discussion list to Identify, Discuss, and Solve (IDS) internal communication blocks

Help for Team Leaders Managing a Team Remotely

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How to Encourage Your Team’s Productivity at Home

Get tips on how team leaders can help support a seamless transition (as much as can be expected) to working from home.

Explore the human side of productivity and engagement in a home working environment!

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Managing Digital To-Do’s & Staying Organized in a Virtual World​

At Mytech, we are here to make your workday just a little bit easier. See the power of Microsoft Planner, To Do, and Outlook.

We’ll show you how you’ll be able to spend more time completing your tasks rather than trying to manage and organize them.

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I learned some great tips that I'm eager to try, in order to enhance my own productivity. Thanks for sharing!
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Wayne Welsch
Mold Craft
I'm very new to O365 so was surprised to find out different ways to share documents using O365
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Connie Bateman
Think Small
Everything I learned was immediately applicable to my work. I started a document collaboration with a few people on my team as soon as the webinar was over!
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Kat McCaffery
North Carolina Council of Nonprofits
The best part was learning how to consolidating my to-dos. That's been the hardest for me to keep track of, because they are all over the place in different teams & other Outlook tasks.
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Rob Murphy
United Community Action Partnership

Stay Organized & Productive in Microsoft 365

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3 Tools to Improve Work From Home | Teams SharePoint, & OneDrivee heading

Though you may already be intimately familiar with Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive, we have plenty of expertise on how to make full use of their varied features.

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Stop Emailing Documents

How many different versions of that document are still saved on your desktop? How many copies to or from your collaborator are sitting in your Archived emails – or worse, still clogging up your Inbox?

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Change Advisory Boards: Advanced Models for Change Management in your Growing Business

Managing who has access to documentation, managing versions that people may have stuck in their email or saved on their desktop, and iterating approved production templates are issues we all struggle to address.


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