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Small business IT security has grown staggeringly complex.

For years a spam filter, firewall, and antivirus tool were considered “good enough” to stop bad actors – but those days are long gone. While these layers are still critical today, they are no longer sufficient to keep cybersecurity threats at bay. 

If you want to stay secure in the modern era, you need cybersecurity solutions that respond dynamically to new vulnerabilitiesboth outside and inside your infrastructure. 

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New Standards for Modern IT Security

Must-Have Cybersecurity Solutions

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Managed/Endpoint Detection & Response (MDR/EDR)

Eventually, even with the best software and hardware available, something particularly nasty can get in. SynergiTech “presumes breach”: we plan our security strategy on the expectation that a breach will inevitably happen, and we include security tools like MDR/EDR that hunt for signs of compromise inside your network as well.

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO)

99% of most cyber attacks could be avoided with Multi-Factor or Two-Factor Authentication. In addition to MFA, a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution safeguards your team members’ login credentials by bundling them all together, eliminating the need for lists of different passwords.

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Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing Tests

New cybersecurity threats are constantly emerging, and many of them directly target your team members. Security Awareness Training (SAT) educates your team on the latest security best practices and threats, using short, digestible webinars geared towards a non-technical audience.

Simulated phishing tests prod at that security training, by sending your employees unpredictable email campaigns disguised as legitimate, urgent requests.

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Endpoint DNS (Domain Name System) Filtering

Malicious sites don’t stick around for long – in fact, the average malicious site measures its lifespan in days or even hours. Screen each domain you access and block harmful connections based on patterns and characteristics.

You Need Security Solutions of All Kinds

The security conversation doesn’t stop at these tools: to protect yourself in a variety of ways, you need a variety of safeguards. Some are technical (the hardware you use, the software you install) and some are more conceptual, like training for your employees or administrative policies that make your organization harder to breach.  

SynergiTech offers every essential cybersecurity solution, plus many solutions that WE consider essential, including:

Security Tools Alone Aren’t Enough

But it’s not just about today’s tools. The modern threat landscape is constantly evolving, so you need to evolve as well: all the fancy products & programs in the world can’t protect your organization if you aren’t investing strategically in your IT security. A reactive IT approach might focus on a few static solutions, but you can only hope for sustained protection and reliable recovery if you’re planning your IT investments proactively, and seeing the big picture before it becomes an emergency. 

Practical Steps to Build a Strategic IT Plan

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