Operating Virtually within Microsoft 365

In a matter of days, the way most of us do business significantly changed.  Whether you are used to working remotely or not, the challenges of having your entire team working remotely for a significant amount of time is probably a scenario for which you weren’t prepared. 

The resources below will demonstrate how to successfully run your department meetings, collaborate effectively, and keep your team productive in a virtual setting within Microsoft 365. 

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Manage a Team in Microsoft 365

Graphic saying, "Virtual Department Meetings"

Using Microsoft 365 to Structure Your Virtual Department Meetings

Many organizations are already subscribed to Microsoft 365 and they don’t realize the tools that are already availabale to them today.

Graphic saying, "Holding Your Team Accountable"

Holding Your Team Accountable When Working Remotely

As a manager, supervisor, or anyone that has direct reports - holding your team accountable can be a challenge. It's even harder if your staff are remote.

Graphic saying, "Structuring Your One-on-Ones"

How to Structure Your One-on-One Meetings by Leveraging Microsoft Teams

In this session we will show you how to set up a private, collaborative space in Microsoft Teams for your one-on-one meetings.

Graphic saying, "Ensure Productivity Continuity at Home"

Ensure Productivity Continuity at Home for your Team

Working from home presents different challenges regarding staying productive and engaged with your team.

Graphic saying, "Internal Training & Organizational Video Channels"

Create Secure Internal Training & Organizational Video Channels with Microsoft Teams and Stream

Many organizations are taking this time, while we are working remotely, to develop curriculum and provide further training for their team members.

Graphic saying, "Assigning Staff Security Roles in Microsoft 365"

Assigning Staff Security Roles in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 includes a host of security settings, levels, and features. Global Admins, Power Users, Team Owners, Team Members – each member is different, and has a different level of control over your systems and your info. How do you determine those levels, and instill a sense of responsibility in each team member?

Graphic saying, "Driving Your Team's Adoption of Microsoft 365"

Driving Your Team’s Adoption of Microsoft 365 | Success & Horror Stories from Our Clients

By now you’ve probably learned plenty of new functions in Microsoft 365 & Teams, and are itching to try them out. But how do you start getting your team on board? This panel discussion features 3 of our clients who have driven adoption for their organizations.

Stay Organized & Productive in Microsoft 365

Graphic saying, "3 Tools to Improve Work From Home"

3 Tools to Improve Work From Home | Teams, SharePoint, & OneDrive​

Though you may already be intimately familiar with Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive, we have plenty of expertise on how to make full use of their varied features.

Graphic saying, "Managing Digital to-dos"

Managing Digital To-Dos & Staying Organized in a Virtual World​

Like most modern workers, you probably sit on many teams with associated tasks, have internal and customer deadlines, and personal initiatives to structure into your workday. And like many, you probably struggle with keeping track and prioritizing them.

Graphic saying, "Email Productivity Tips"

Spend LESS Time in your Microsoft Outlook Inbox! | Email Productivity Tips​

If you’re like most, your Outlook inbox is piling up with too many emails. Don’t waste half your day cleaning up your inbox and trying to prioritize your tasks! 

Graphic saying, "The Basics of Microsoft Power Automate"

Get Stuff Done Even When You’re NOT Working

No need for programming expertise, how to build workflow and automation with point, and click simplicity!

Graphic saying, "OneNote & OneDrive"

OneNote & OneDrive | Manage Your Data & Optimize Your Syncing

Even more than other Microsoft 365 apps, OneNote and OneDrive are designed to synchronize for wherever you need access. Learning how to find what you need quickly – and ensure it’s backed up immediately for next time – is key to fully adopting these powerful tools.

Graphic saying, "Keep Connected on the Go"

Keep Connected On The Go | Optimizing Your Microsoft 365 Apps

For some of us, the work doesn’t stop at 5pm. Staying connected and able to easily grab what you need – whenever and wherever you need it – is the mark of a digitally-mature organization.

Collaborate in Microsoft 365

Graphic saying, "Microsoft Chat Best Practices"

Driving Microsoft Teams Adoption​ | Chat & Teams Meeting Best Practices

This two-part series is targeted to help organizations drive adoption of Microsoft Teams & O365 within their organization.

Graphic saying, "Communication & Collaboration Hub for Your Board of Directors"

Create a Communication & Collaboration Hub for Your Board of Directors with Microsoft 365

Provide a safe & secure resource for your board of directors to collaborate so you can spend more time building the strategies that will further your organizations’ purpose.

Graphic saying, "Stop Emailing Documents"

Stop Emailing Documents

How many different versions of that document are still saved on your desktop? How many copies to or from your collaborator are sitting in your Archived emails – or worse, still clogging up your Inbox?

Graphic saying, "Change Advisory Boards"

Change Advisory Boards: Advanced Models for Change Management in your Growing Business

Managing who has access to documentation, managing versions that people may have stuck in their email or saved on their desktop, and iterating approved production templates are issues we all struggle to address.

Graphic saying, "Collaborate More Closely With External Partners"

Collaborate More Closely with External Partners

As you use Microsoft Teams more and more, you might start wishing you could include more people in your work. Contractors, vendors, long-lasting clients – these people are important to your organization, even if they don’t have your domain in their email address.

Meet & Present in Microsoft 365

Graphic saying, "5 Ways to Hold Meetings in Microsoft Teams"

5 Ways to Hold Meetings in Microsoft Teams

With so many ways to hold meetings within Microsoft Teams, trying to determine why or when to use one over the other can be daunting.

Graphic saying, "Best Practices for Microsoft PowerPoint"

Maximize the Impact of your Message! | Best Practices for Microsoft PowerPoint

While PowerPoint has been around for decades as part of the Microsoft 365 suite, the once-tired slide deck software has come a long way, and it’s now easier than ever to create visually engaging content to support your message.

Graphic saying, "Build Interactive & How to Presentations"

Microsoft Sway | Build Interactive & How-To Presentations that Don’t Require a Presenter!

After this session, you’ll have the basic knowledge to begin building your very own interactive how-to and more with Microsoft Sway.

Graphic saying, "Microsoft Teams Live Events"

Go Live to a Large Online Audience | Microsoft Teams Live Events

Virtual meetings are more popular than ever, but hosting a large meeting via Microsoft Teams presents unique challenges. When you need to share live video and digital content to a large audience, a Teams Live Event may be a better option.

Collect, Analyze & Store Important Data in Microsoft 365

Graphic saying, "Migrating your File Server to SharePoint"

Migrating Your File Server to SharePoint | What to Consider Before Making the Move

SharePoint is everywhere, and making full use of it is a keystone of your Microsoft 365 experience. But before you migrate your legacy file server to SharePoint, there are some important considerations to make.

Graphic saying, "Digitize, Manage, and Analyze Info With Forms"

Digitize, Manage, and Analyze Your Team’s Important Information with Microsoft Forms​

How do you track sales leads? Do you send out surveys to compile customer satisfaction data (CSAT)? Are you currently using paper request forms that need to be filled out and then manually entered into a database?

Graphic saying, "Internal Training & Organizational Video Channels"

Visualize Metrics & Key Performance Indicators | The Basics of Microsoft Power BI

This session will provide an introduction to the Basics of Microsoft Power BI so that you can take data from your spreadsheets, and/or monthly reports and turn them into visual representations of your data.