The 2023 IT Forecast

Key insights that will define your organization’s IT experience in 2023 – depending on how you use this information today.

Four key priorities for 2023

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Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

“The best single improvement you can make.”

If you don’t have MFA deployed already, make it your top priority for 2023. As the cybersecurity arms race evolves, this “nice to have” solution has become a “need to have” solution, and for good reason: multi-factor authentication exponentially increases your team’s login security!

Whether you need to meet industry regulations, qualify for cyber liability insurance, or just don’t want to be the most obvious target to attackers, deploying MFA should be an immediate goal for every organization that doesn’t have it entering 2023.

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Cyber Liability Insurance

“Cybersecurity is now about WHEN, not IF.”

Are you renewing your cyber liability insurance in 2023? Do you even have cyber liability insurance? Most standard liability policies don’t fully cover cybersecurity incidents…and cybersecurity incidents can be costly enough to close you down permanently!

But getting cyber insurance takes more than just finding a policy and paying the premiums. Underwriters are tightening their requirements, and knowing where you stand with tools like MFA and EDR ahead of time can make the difference between qualifying for a financial safety net…or risking your entire business.

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Managed & Endpoint Detection & Response (MDR/EDR)

“Attacks are getting so much more sophisticated.”

You’ll need more than the “bare minimum” security tools (antivirus, spam filter, firewall) to stay secure in the new threat landscape. To protect your team in 2023 and onward, invest in tools like Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) – or more like Managed Detection & Response (MDR) – that can identify suspicious activity and indicators of compromise proactively, before they can do damage.

Like MFA, this solution is also rapidly becoming a requirement for many industries and insurance underwriters; that’s why Mytech includes it in our fully managed IT solution. Make your plan now for deploying EDR and other modern security tools, so you don’t have to scramble to meet these standards on short notice.

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Incident Response Plans

“Practice your fire drill before you’re smelling smoke.”

What will you do when the unthinkable happens? Do you have a plan for responding to a cybersecurity incident…or has that always been a hazy “cross that bridge when we get to it” conversation? If you wait to make those decisions until they’re needed, you will lose days or weeks on an effective security response – or even invalidate your insurance coverage with the wrong response!

With just a small amount of up-front work, you can prepare your team to react to whatever the new year holds. Know who’s doing what, and when, if the worst ever comes to pass. Establish a plan that will bring you certainty in the face of an ever-changing threat landscape.

I don’t have these solutions! What do I do?

Do you need one or all of these security and business continuity safeguards? Now is the time to get them, so you can enter the new year with a stronger security posture. Strategic IT planning is essential to operating in our technology-centric world, which is why Mytech makes it a priority for our clients. Our managed IT clients receive regular communication and quarterly strategic planning sessions, providing assurance in a constantly changing landscape.  

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